When do you hold auditions?

LMT auditions home school high school students at the end of each spring semester, after our production. Auditions take place in May or June. They are announced in our program for the play as well as via website and emails to various homeschooling groups.

Who is eligible to participate?

Students who are currently homeschooled or who have been homeschooled and are now in a school or program without a theatre department are invited to participate. Students must be in grade 9 -12, and age 14 by the end of August in the school year when they seek to start LMT. Students are all currently in high school; they cannot have been graduated by their parents or any other institution.

What is required of parents?

All LMT parents participate in LMT by volunteering for a specific job. Some parents do more than one job! Parents sew, paint, build, coordinate, and help with both production as well as behind-the-scenes tasks. Parent jobs of various size and scope are available.